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Dow Jones Industrial – stopped out
Was watching index a bit some time and just can help it. I believe we at or near turning point
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Wheat ZW 0918 – finished
Short worked out surprising well. It is new market for me so was bit nervous to keep positions over weekend. 
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Wheat near upper channel band – finished 2/3 sell targets hit.
Wheat ZW 09-18 Price about try another attempt to retest / breakout upper channel trend line. Watch 580 / 600
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DAX Index 16th Aug – completed 100 points
Price found some base at 12140/100 lows after strong Wednesday 15th sell off. Right now approaching down trend line which
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DAX trade 15th Aug – completed 200p
Price stabilize after Friday / Monday sell off manage to close Monday open gap but after sell back to lows StockTwist
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DAX retest Monday Lows – completed 80p
Trade based on test Monday Lows DAX cash closed gap at Monday open at 440 Lows under 320 get set
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DAX Friday 10th – completed 180p
Continuation of Bearish move from earlier this week Key resistance 680 targets 565/485 Trade: Short position as close to 680
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DAX Index 8th Aug trade 2 – completed 50p
After Decline and weak attempts to hold on 680 support looked in to short towards today lows  Update: This type
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DAX Index 8th trade 1 – completed 40p
Trade: Long position towards 720 – very powerful base setup for rally entry on breakout MA trend lines towards white
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