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DAX 01.10 Monday update – gap closed short target hit
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DAX Index Update 27th September – sell target hit 240 points
Price after week long consolidation mark down towards 260 but that turn to be buy dip opportunity for 200p rally
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WTI 17-21 September
Next week we will see important test for Oil buyers. Last week rally just created double top situation and traders
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Long term bearish trend possible? – DAX outlook.
Right, It is not any doom scenario just plain option what can happen when situation do not improve.  It is
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OIL WTI 10-21. 09
Last Week: Good job to any one who withstand push above 71 and take better entry. I’m out from short,
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Index DAX 05/09 – support didn’t hold, invalid
Buy signal  under resistance  12140 valid as long 12085 support hold.  Targets 12300/520/630 Price get pushed under  to 12050, there
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WTI Oil September – sell target hit
Last month we could see solid rally with top at 70. Rally lost a bit of steam but still that
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DAX 27th – stopped out
My trade: I’m position short, contracts booked in mark – up zone (12444 & 12429) but will swift switch for
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OIL WTI August
Price stabilize recently but far from get on strength. Oil is still a subject to be corrected further and trade
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