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DAX Index 14-18 January
Last 2 weeks DAX went wild with rally. Friday 04.01 move from lows at 10380ish all way up to 10800+
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DAX Index 07-11 January
DAX Quotes Well done bulls. Wrong. Very strong move at Friday but beside squeeze out most recent shorts such aggressive
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DAX Index 02-05
21 December 27 December buy setup Supports / Resistance 10,685 10,563 10,512 / 10,440 10,337 TP 10960/11075 sell setup Supports
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WTI Jan – both long targets 47/50 scored
Long TP 47/50 previous WTI chart:
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Looks like could use some profit take but lets be careful we are close 1,300 price tag and Gold can
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DAX Index 27 Dec Update
21 Dec Chart link to update : 27 Dec Update Charts Buy Supports / Resistance 10,685 10,563 10,512 /
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DAX Index update 21.12
It is hard to find foot hold in this market ATM one day will be over but when? But no
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DAX 10-15 Dec
Sorry for no proper update just recovering from flue.  
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DAX update 06 December
Bloody day. Market in full panic since night gap, action based on system anomaly and hijacked even further by short
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