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About Me

Active trader for around 7+ years. No-professional background.

My trading style is based on  price action near important turning points like pivots, supports and resistances.

My typical analyse include  market structure by supports and resistances, volume traded, order flow and technical signals. I’m taking my decisions mostly on technical setups and price action but keep close attention to fundamental factors for long term trends.

My trading focus is DAX Index so most of charts and signals are around that instrument but also time to time I’m trading other markets like FX & Futures.

My trades are mostly short term swing trades ( few days / weeks) with good deal of day trading.


More Info:

If you have any questions or would like to discussed idea please feel free to email me or find me on Stock Twist.

I’m trading EU/US session between 7-17 UK time



Im doing my best to be active on social media: 

Stocktwist :





All my work here is free but if you like say Thank You donate  to CentrePoint foundation or other charity.