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DAX 27th – stopped out

My trade:

I’m position short, contracts booked in mark – up zone (12444 & 12429) but will swift switch for buy if resistance get challenged and breakout¬† to take opportunity in bulish rally.

update on trade: was bit late to take any opportunity from rally to 500, closed my shorts and hedge set before weekend to take 30 and 40p .

Reopened shorts at 460&450 aiming 380/50 but if fail to support for next lower gap at 12220. SL – 12480/90

Stopped out from trade leaving balance for Monday at break even and bit waste of time. 

Was late so missed breakout rally and instead go long went short again so totally messed up. 


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  2. Tecet

    It is good reminder to follow trading system and plan. Trading plan was very simple, hold on shorts until 430/50 holds, buy in to rally when we have breakout. Price did what should just my execution and stepping away from trading plan make this a lost opportunity.

  3. Tecet

    Rest week trading was much better, however was more day trade and scalping often in and out both directions at least make my profit targets and cheer me up after mess up on day 1

  4. Tecet

    Next time will keep in mind, if trade not moving in your direction for prolonged time, better to get out and have look from more objective angle, as can be either range bound and waste time or consolidation to build up positions and next move can be surprise.

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