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Testing Support


10030 / 10430 / 10895


11300 / 11550


9200/ 8830

fail on hold that support will open doors to next level 7630 

World's Most

oversold market

Not sure why we pricing all ready so low, not much left and 2008 or worse.

Pricing models are ridiculous all ready, ok we have crisis … sure, we pricing big hit in consumer spending … ok, we can expect hospitality and travel sector get it to deep trouble, all that is true. But over all we way too oversold all ready and I’m waiting for first signs of rebalancing. 

Market is way to close tie to news and still news going to get more ugly, with Spain and UK and US next battlefield to watch and struggle to keep economy out of recession but … over all is profit chase, short sellers thrive in so bearish sentiment and will be difficult to stop them but that not mean market cannot challenge them, lets watch for stabilisation on current levels and high chance for shorts squeeze.

 We are on very important support, to  lasting from 2013-16. We have all ready 30% discount on average and value investors will slowly snap bargains. 

Current volatility is very risky for both sides, easy strong relief rally can overshoot and force sellers to take risk off and cover

Same time we are aware of possible flash crash as market is in place with another big air pocket underneath.