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DAX Index update 15.02

DAX after solid rally fail again on challenge of down trend.

Unfortunately for buyers beginning of year bring series of poor earnings results and data. That is not real surprise as after 2018 crash, we can see echo of investors pulling out, waiting over bad time and working very defensive over last months of 2018.

Political situation even with some light of hope still don’t show results so Brexit and US/China unresolved and still on brink of total disaster.

Best for now what we can count on is defending lows but is that going to work?


Yesterday we had another attempt to test down trend, not even key resistance but poor US data just cut wings from all ready weak rally.

Looking more now to retest one of key supports ATM with option to get to very lows or better.

Still some chances for price get supported here but if that help extend target above 11400 not much of that right now.

Rally more likely will gett caped above 11150/80 if happens

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