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DAX Index 10 – 14 September

Buyers: Will be looking to stop that sell off by breach resistances of 12085/144 and send price towards 12300, withhold selling pressure and create new higher low between 12100-00 which can help push price back above 12500 towards max target at 12700-800 major down trend resistance.

Sellers: enjoy full control, and push price towards 11730 and lower, suppress any attempts to rally, possible reload of shorts orders at 12140-220 / 300-330 before continuation lower. Good chance to create fake rally to lure retail buyers in. 

Guys don’t get fouled on fast rally’s, such trend to reverse will take time on trading in 100-300p range and retest lows in few occasions before serious  short cover happens and buyers get back to game.

So beside day trading short sell is in favor, mention day trading as there is no better fast buyer like short seller taking profit and rally to accumulate and reload for sell from highs.

Trade cautiously, do not hold on losers as there can be no bottom for months if we enter bearish market. 

Will be updating that post for daily trading setups.

Good luck!

Update 10.9 

Like expected  we have rebound on going, is still young and week and like mention before is still technical in bearish trend on combination of profit take plus relief  from oversold conditions.  

We will keep eye on price action at key resistance levels to be ready for reaction when rally reach limits. 12085/144 and 12220/330

Usually such rally getting supported by Moving averages 100/200 on 5m chart or 15 min and moving in 3 / 5 or 7 waves higher

Keep in mind as each advance have to set new highs, fail to do so will just attract sellers and DAX will get back to lows. 

Current intraday supports / resistances:


Update 11.09

Crazy day indeed.

Like mention yesterday fail of setting new high will send price back to lows. Interesting recovery later afternoon with US open DAX and general Indexes seen strong rally.

Conditions did not change after all, no new highs = new lows and after what we saw today caution is in order.

Sellers same like  yesterday update:

We will keep eye on price action at key resistance levels to be ready for reaction when rally reach limits. 12085/144 and 12220/330

12300 is key resistance with targets 12800/720

Also keep eye on  lower highs for another round to sell towards lows.


Have to setup new week highs to open road to 12100/220/330

Intarday: Supports and resistances:

Update 12.09

Just when was about to get this update done with “last chance for rally” 

so right now:

Buyers turn it up from brink of disaster and aiming for 12100 atm. 

Sellers will be trying stomp that rally down around 12085/140 but acion can move back to 12220/330 before real serious fight starts.

Rally to continue have to set new highs on each main advance. 

Update 13.09

Buyers score target today.

Slowing down rally before attempt to take out next key resistance 12140 is good sign, getting there in one go and creating overbought conditions could end up with sharp sell off, right now DAX give traders  time to digest recent move and with confirmation of next support can lure more buyers in to next rally leg up.

Be ready also for small pullback just to confirm support (as green arrows) or flat consolidation before next move.

Next buyers targets are 12160/220

Sellers will be trying to cap that rally around 12140, but more likely will be back higher at 12200/300. However fail from buyers to pass 12140 will send DAX back to lows so good point to keep eye on. 

Supports and resistances:
12068.00 Last

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