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Index DAX 05/09 – support didn’t hold, invalid

Buy signal  under resistance  12140 valid as long 12085 support hold.  Targets 12300/520/630

Price get pushed under  to 12050, there is some volume on buying but need more to save it

DAX hit August lows and reach lower at 12077.

There was not consolidation or not much after yesterday. Hard to count few second long spike at beginning of night. Spike hit 12285 but open and collapsed in mater of seconds so perhaps bunch of order trigger in thin market  .

Right now will be looking for rally towards upper down trend line, planing in case rally to 12300 then pullback, higher low 12100-160 and rally with targets 12630/740/800

DAX is heavy under pressure so plan B is short from 300 in case lows not hold. 

Sell targets are ATM 12000/11910/ 11830/11730

Right now 12140 is red line holding future advance 

That resistance need to get clear for signal be valid and last support holds at 12085

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